The Continuum Companion to Historical Linguistics

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The Continuum Companion to Historical Linguistics PDF ebook download Originally published as the Continuum Companion to Historical Linguistics, this book brings together a number of leading scholars who provide a combination of different approaches to current and new issues in historical linguistics, while supplying an exhaustive and up-to-date coverage of sub-fields traditionally regarded as central to historical linguistics research. The editors aim to build a solid background for further discussion and to indicate directions for new research on relevant open questions.

The book includes coverage of key terms, a list of resources, and sections on:

• history of research

• methodology

• phonology

• morphology

• grammatical categories

• syntax

• grammaticalization

• semantics

• etymology

• language contact

• sociolinguistics

• causes of language change

It is a complete resource for researchers working on historical linguistics.

eBook The Continuum Companion to Historical Linguistics

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