Rescue Me

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Rescue Me PDF ebook download What happens when thrown away dogs in need of loving homes and humans yearning for unconditional love and canine companionship come together?

Rescue Me shares twelve original inspirational accounts, complete with photos, of ten dog lovers who rescued the dogs who ultimately rescued them. Read (and listen to) true tales of extraordinary commitment, physical and emotional healing, overcoming challenges, faith, twists of fate, new lives, and the magical joy that comes from the bond of unconditional love and acceptance between humans and their dogs.

• Julia, a woman on a mission to rescue as many dogs as she can, and how she found herself in the process.
• Biscuit, the injured, fear aggressive death row dog now working as a fully trained service dog.
• Duke, the stray flea-bitten puppy who taught his people about compassion toward the undeserving.
• Senior Sammy saved from a slow and certain death by his human angel, Letha, and how he put the smile back on her face..
• Yoda, the little French bulldog who filled Faith’s empty nest with his big personality and lots of love.
• Lolli, the beagle who lost her jawbone, but found a loving home and a joyful life.
• And more…

The dog adoption stories in Rescue Me are written for the love of dogs in rescue and shelters, and the people who devote their lives to saving them in little and big ways. It is written to raise awareness of their plight and their need, as well as to celebrate all they have to offer when given a chance - the lessons, healing, victories, and sometimes even the sorrows that loving and being loved by dogs bring.

As a way of giving back to these dogs and the people that care for them, shelters and rescue organizations will receive donations from the proceeds of this book to help with expenses and to fund projects designed to make life better for the animals in their care.

On the accompanying webpage you will find a list of sponsored organizations, home videos, photographs, bonus audio interviews with three of our authors, and more.

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