The Rose of Heaven

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The Rose of Heaven PDF ebook download The Rose of Heaven is a tale of the abuse of and desire for power, and the many ways we human beings inflict violence on our fellow creatures. The year is 1910. In a devout Catholic community in California, a young girl, Rosina, exhibits a tendency for miracles—the ability to heal and bring the dead back to life. Some worship and adore her. Others fear and wish to kill her. And others, like a priest sent by the Vatican and a few opportunistic government operatives, harbor dreadful designs on her phenomenal powers. . . The witness to these extraordinary events during the years that follow—the narrator of this story—is Rosina's cousin, Pablo. But when Pablo is separated from Rosina and joins the Canadian Army to fight in World War I, he knows he must stay alive and reunite with his cousin . . .and save her from the men who crave to profit from her gift and covet her Divine Touch.

eBook The Rose of Heaven

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