Living in the Shadow of the Cross

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Living in the Shadow of the Cross PDF ebook download Keith Wheeler tells of the miraculous stories he's had while literally carrying the cross all over the world. People will be inspired but also will see the pure joy of learning how to truly walk with God.Excerpt: "We are going to kill you " My friend Jerry and I were sleeping in our van in Mexico when there was a loud banging on the door. I groggily opened my eyes, pulled the mosquito net back, and opened the sliding door. A hand pulled me out, but it couldn't pull me out all the way because the cross was leaning against the van between them and me. It is very dark in the jungle at 2 a.m., but I could see Uzzis and about 20 men.

They said, "We are going to kill you." I stammered, "Peace, peace. Maybe you have seen me in the newspaper. I am for Jesus, and for peace. God loves you." They pointed their guns at me and said, "One " I said, "No drugs. No war. Jesus loves you. You can be His friend. They said, "Two " and put their clips into their guns. I was so afraid that all I could do was hold up my pocket Bible. Suddenly they fell backward. They dropped their weapons and began to scoot back. Some were crying, some were screaming. They were saying, "Aaaaagh La luz, es mui brillante muy brillante " ("The light, it's very bright "). They then took off to their trucks, jumped in, and drove away.

eBook Living in the Shadow of the Cross

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