Like the Hand of Time

PDF-file by Bethany Zaiatz

Like the Hand of Time PDF ebook download The concept of time travel is an understandably attractive notion to the entire human race. If we could master it, we might find it possible to undo our past mistakes and hold on to the one who got away; we could freeze or lengthen that most perfect moment of climax with just the right lover; or perhaps we could sneak a peek into the future to see how long our new love and passion will really last.

Like The Hand of Time explores time travel intimately through seven all-new diverse and unique lenses. In the past, present, or future, lovers of all kinds— straight, gay, or otherwise— traverse time and come together to meet a long admired historical figure, help themselves get the girl, heal past wounds, and occasionally even just to pass the time in the sexiest way possible. Edited by Bethany Zaiatz, Like The Hand of Time includes stories from Angela Caperton, Julie Cox, Gayle C. Straun, Neil James Hudson, Monique Poirier, Kit Russell, and Nobilis Reed.

eBook Like the Hand of Time

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