Unbroken Melody

PDF-file by Jasmine Bowen

Unbroken Melody PDF ebook download Melody is so happy to be home, after 8 months on the road with her boyfriend, Ryan's band. It's been fun, but she and Ryan are exhausted and they are looking forward to a relaxing summer. But coming home for a few months also means that she'll be in the same town as her ex boyfriend and Ryan's brother. She walked away from him 8 months ago, confident that she made the right choice in Ryan. But now that she sees him face to face, old feelings start to arise.

Benedict is struggling to overcome his addiction so that he can be clean for the new season of Bard's Tale. The theatre company has brought him everything; his career, a Tony award, his best friend, and Melody. But he still dug himself into a hole so dark that even Melody couldn't deal with it. Now, she's back in town, and he has 1 shot to make it right with her. Benedict knows he can never be truly happy and recovered until she's back in his arms. But can he win her back, or will she choose Ryan again?

eBook Unbroken Melody

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