Power #2 (The Power Romance Series - Book #2)

PDF-file by Claire Adams

Power #2 (The Power Romance Series - Book #2) PDF ebook download Unfortunately, Amanda learns that no spontaneous, sexual rendezvous with the president can be a secret. It just doesn’t work that way.

After her affair—the one that left her spinning with ecstasy, her colleague, Jason, appears before her with twenty of the most graphic photos—with more on his USB. He sneers at her and plays her like a puppet. She’ll do his bidding, or he’ll ruin both her career and the president’s.

Thusly, Amanda must initially let go of her feelings for Xavier, that sultry man—the most powerful man on earth. After all, if she sleeps with him again, Jason will snap more photos and have more ammunition.

As time goes by, however, she can hardly resist his suave manners, the way he looks at her with such intensity. He’s married; and Amanda’s married to her career.

But can they resist each other and their intimate attraction, even in the face of leering Jason, even with Xavier’s wife on the side?

eBook Power #2 (The Power Romance Series - Book #2)

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