Lectures on the Mordell-Weil Theorem

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Lectures on the Mordell-Weil Theorem PDF ebook download This is a translation of "Autour du theoreme de Mordell-Well," a course given by J. -P. Serre at the College de France in 1980 and 1981. These notes were originally written weekly by Michel Waldschmidt and have been reproduced by Publications Mathematiques de l'Universite de Paris VI, by photocopying the handwritten manuscript. The present translation follows roughly the French text, with many modi fications and rearrangements. We have not tried to give a detailed account of the new results due to Faltings, Raynaud, Gross-Zagier . . .; we have just mentioned them in notes at the appropriate places, and given bibliographical references. M. L. Brown Paris, Fall 1988 I. -P. Serre VII CONTENTS 1. Summary. 1 1. 1. Heights. 3 1. 2. The Mordell-Weil theorem and Mordell's conjecture. 3 1. 3. Integral points on algebraic curves. Siegel's theorem. 4 1. 4. Baker's method. 5 1. 5. Hilbert's irreducibility theorem. Sieves. 5 2. Heights. 7 2. 1. The product formula. 7 2. 2. Heights on P m(K). 10 2. 3. Properties of heights. 13 2. 4. Northcott's finiteness theorem. 16 2. 5. Quantitative form of Northcott's theorem. 17 '2. 6. Height associated to a morphism"

eBook Lectures on the Mordell-Weil Theorem

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