Four-Eyed Prince, Volume 1

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Four-Eyed Prince, Volume 1 PDF ebook download Like a person’s failing eyesight, Four-Eyed Prince doesn’t reach 20-20.

Four-Eyed Prince’s only strong feature is its artwork. Unlike my vision, the art is crisp and clear. There isn’t a load of toning to busy the background and the scenes are very engaging.

However dynamic the art appears, the story dons rose-colored glasses. When Sachiko Ohashi gets her heart stamped on by her crush, the distant Akihiko Masuda, and her grandmother is shipped to a nursing home, Sachiko has to move in with her mother. To make matters worst, Sachiko learns that her stepbrother is none other than Akihiko. Sachiko quickly realizes that Akihiko doesn’t just wear glasses for his eyesight. He has a side job as a waiter, and being quite the ladies man, Akihiko hides his secret by wearing glasses.While Sachiko tries to figure out her new stepbrother, the story clearly goes in her favor—-inevitably falling in love—-making the manga’s ultimate ending as transparent as glass.

Alongside the cliché story, the characters aren’t very lovable or commendable. Sachiko is a pushy, daydreaming brat trying to change a guy. Akihiko is nothing more than a two-faced player with abusive tendencies. Right when the characters try to relate through their sob stories, they come across as fake. It’s the normal tactic in high school romance stories for one of the characters to have a sad background, but Four-Eyed Prince just doesn’t get it.

Piling up on negative points, Four-Eyed Prince has awful pacing. Everything happens at once. Sachiko’s grandmother leaves her in her mother’s care, and bam! Sachiko finds out Akihiko’s secret, and they suddenly get along, bossiness and fights included. It might work for a soap opera, but it’s over the top in the manga medium. Pacing is one of the most important elements in any medium, and when it is completely ignored, you might as well get glaucoma.

The prescription? Pick up a better manga. Four-Eyed Prince isn’t good for healthy eyes and minds.

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