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The Optimum Nutrition Cookbook PDF ebook download The word nutrition always seems to conjure something altogether too scientific to make it seem worthy of a tasty meal. While covering the five food types and the perfect diet pyramid, they manage to do so in a mere eight pages of light but sensible and digestible information. This includes five quick tips on when and how to eat.

Then a most important page: Why Drinking is Good for You. This is actually a key to how your body processes the food you eat, without getting caught up, once again, in too much scientific explanation of it. A simple paragraph about tea and coffee, another about alcohol, and the main focus on water with fruit juices and teas as an extension.

Information is built upon this familiar structure to extend our awareness from the basics without bogging us down in complexity. Eating for energy and food combining are important concepts which often become confusing. Here they are simply explained and a chart of provided on a single page for glycemic index comparisons.

Likewise Fats are described for their helpful and unhelpful qualities as well as preparation techniques which enhance or damage their viability. Aging is considered through the perspective of antioxidants, and a variety of immune boosting preparations are offered. Hormones and heart-health are also specifically considered, before moving on to choosing, storing and preparing foods.

Advice is offered for vegetarian, vegan and ‘fishitarians’ as well as substitutes for foods associated with allergies in a growing number of people. The importance of colour in food is not just commented on, but presented by the natural single ingredients throughout the book, rather than only presenting ‘dishes’. This fits well with the simplicity of approach from the suggestion to ‘graze don’t gorge’ in the early tips.

Graphics with each recipe indicate the food pyramid portions met by each offering. A final page of contacts offers consultations, workshops and outlets for essential oils and information on accessing organic foods. A thorough coverage in a very digestible format.

eBook The Optimum Nutrition Cookbook

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