Rescue Ben

PDF-file by R.B. Smith

Rescue Ben PDF ebook download Ben is a dog in search of his family. They bought a new house, and while traveling to the new location, Ben chased a cat. He couldn't help it; the cat was teasing him! When he returned, though, he found his family was gone. Now, he'll do anything to get back to young Roy and Molly, but Ben has never been out in the world on his own.

He was with his family since his puppy years. How will he survive in the big world, filled with loud noises, angry cars, and mean people? However, not everyone is mean. On his desperate search, Ben comes upon good humans—humans who need his help. Although the dog needs rescuing, so do many people out there, who are just as scared as Ben.

Will Ben ever find his way to his family's new home, or will the perils of the wild world keep him away? Everywhere he goes, Ben makes an impression; he makes things better and makes new friends. Still, he searches for Roy and Molly. With the endless devotion of man's best friend, Ben won't stop his journey until he is safely in the arms of his loving family.

eBook Rescue Ben

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