Alex Rider Series Collection Pack (Alex Rider, #1-6)

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Alex Rider Series Collection Pack (Alex Rider, #1-6) PDF ebook download My favorite book is called Alex Rider they are all a series there are 7 of them. It is a teen action fiction that describes the life and adventures of a 16-year-old boy named Alex Rider. I enjoyed this book because it is full of action and wit and displays the dream of being a teen spy. In the book Alex is a British boy who is used as an asset by the MI6, which is the British intelligence agency. This is also another reason that I like the book because it describes life in a different part of the world. In most of the books Alex is sent on a mission to save the world. Literally he travels everywhere in one case he goes to outer space to save the pentagon from beige crashed by a satellite. In every book there is an evil person who plans to end the world and in every case Alex is set up to die but he always lives. The book titles are also very interesting they are all different and as soon as you see the title you want to read them. I am recommending the book because it is very up to date and allows you to experience some thrill.
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eBook Alex Rider Series Collection Pack (Alex Rider, #1-6)

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