The Gentlemen's Alliance †, Vol. 11

PDF-file by Arina Tanemura

The Gentlemen's Alliance †, Vol. 11 PDF ebook download It wasn't until I started reading this volume that I realized it was the last one! And that kind of makes me sad, because I feel like there's a lot of story left that could have been developed with all of these characters.Instead, we get a quick wrap up of how everyone ends up, as well as a few little glimpses into their future.So, what does happen?

Haine fights for the twins, because as much as she is in love with Taka, she truly loves them both. So she challenges their grandfather to see aside tradition, letting the twins both live their own lives, and she succeeds. Shizun has his bone marrow transplant and recovers. Taka and Haine are awkward around each other, make out, and then get married. And their life wouldn't be complete without Shizun showing up to live with them and tease Taka about stealing Haine away from him.

Everyone else lives happily ever after, too. Haine's parents are happy and having another baby. Maguri and Maora, Ushio and Senri, Kusame and Komaki, they all end up together. And I'm glad they're happy; I just wish that, for as many characters as there were, we had known more of their stories in depth.

Oh well! In the end, I enjoyed reading this series, and will miss these characters.

eBook The Gentlemen's Alliance †, Vol. 11

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