Afraid To Die (To Die #4)

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Afraid To Die (To Die #4) PDF ebook download It's Christmastime in Grizzly Falls, which means it's time for someone to start killing women in cold and creative ways! This time it's Selena Alvarez in the crosshairs, which is a surprise to some given her quiet and controlled personality and life style. But Jackson has hinted all along that there was more to Selena's story that we were being told, and in this novel we learn it all. There were some surprising twists to this book, a big one being that Alvarez is no longer crushing over Captain Grayson. That's a new development that seems to have happened off-screen, but it's also sort of refreshing, and I found her old/new love, Dylan O'Keefe way more interesting. My only complaint has to do with the series' recurring issues that Jackson continues to leave unresolved, most notably Regan Pescoli's (Alvarez's partner) seeming reluctance to commit to a relationship with Nate Santana. She continues to use her kids as an excuse, but that really doesn't wash anymore. And then there's the fact that Grizzly Falls still has anyone living there, given the rather high murder rate and the horrible winters! One would think people might start moving away (after the roads clear, of course.) LOL

I enjoy Jackson's storytelling, and I've grown attached to the citizens of Grizzly Falls. And if Pescoli wants my advice, she'll move in with the patient and ever-so-hunky Nate Santana, who, let's not forget, saved her life a while back!

eBook Afraid To Die (To Die #4)

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