The Ark

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The Ark PDF ebook download The Ark is our home and the poems tell about the ups and downs of the waters we pass over and how we get through the storms. Also included in the writings are the issues we are greeted with and how we deal with them. We share life, hope and encouragement with the people that God places in our home. The Ark is dear to my heart. The lives we touch as passengers come in and out of the storms of their lives. As the Ark has no rudder, neither do we set direction but give a place of hope in the storm. I can't tell you the day or the hour that I decided to travel the highways or to move from place to place. All I know is that from birth until now I have not stayed in one place too long. It could have been the fact that I am a "military brat" or that I love to look out the window as the road that I travel changes with each mile. The mountains and valleys, fields and seas, all seem a blur to me now. I have settled down and, with my husband, have bought a home, a place to stay, live, love and grow, roots tearing the ground below me growing deeper and deeper, anchoring my heart to our home. Having been a caretaker all of my life to someone, the moaning of my soul cries out for a life to touch, in some way. It did not take long for the moans to reach heaven and our home is filled with life. Children born to us and given to us by God, strangers and friends, short- and long-term guests. Our home, the life.

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