Discovering the Life Span

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Discovering the Life Span PDF ebook download Modular, manageable, meaningful—help your students discover the life span! Based on extensive market research, and informed by author Robert Feldman's own teaching experience, "Discovering the Life Span "was created to meet key teaching needs. Many instructors would like to cover the entire life span in a single term. They would like their students to see the big picture and understand how the domains of development work together. And, perhaps most importantly, they would like their students to truly connect to the material. This remarkable first edition does all three of these things.Here's how:
Structured around a modular format, each stage of life and each domain are treated equally throughout the text. This balanced format offers instructors teaching flexibility while helping students see the connections between the physical, cognitive, and social/personality domains.
With 9 chapters, 3 modules per chapter, and only 493 pages, "Discovering the Life Span" is more manageable for instructors and students. This format allows instructors to cover all areas of the life span without having to sacrifice content during their one-term course. Students get a better sense of the entire process of development.
Interactive online resources like MyDevelopmentLab with MyVirtualChild, strong applications, and innovative pedagogy integrated throughout the text produce a meaningful learning experience for students. These tools best prepare students to apply the content to their personal and future professional lives.
Want to learn more about MyVirtualChild? Visit and click on the 'watch this video' link to learn about MyVirtualChild. MyDevelpmentLab with MyVirtualChild is available at

eBook Discovering the Life Span

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