Event Nova (Soul Cycle: The Squadron Series Book 1)

PDF-file by Kevin McCarthy

Event Nova (Soul Cycle: The Squadron Series Book 1) PDF ebook download Squadron’s Delta Space Station’s fusion power core unexpectedly experiences an improbable nova event resulting in billions of deaths. Mechanic, and coolant systems operator, Jacob James escapes on a ship through zero point space only to be stranded on a remote planet in a nameless binary star system. While Squadron looks to understand the circumstances leading to the unexplained nova event; never imagined opportunities await Jacob as a life of structure and tedium is replaced by a world in turmoil. Together Jacob and the people of Lakeside battle to maintain order over anarchy. These emotional, mental, and physical trials prepare Jacob to don a suit capable of unlocking the power of his mind.

eBook Event Nova (Soul Cycle: The Squadron Series Book 1)

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