The Inspiring Journey of a Hero

PDF-file by Priya Kumar

The Inspiring Journey of a Hero PDF ebook download O.P. Munjal started Hero Cycles in 1956, fuelled by meagre resources and an insatiable ambition. His vision was to create an inexpensive and effective mode of transportation for a post-Independence nation on the move. The rest, as they say, is history: Hero Cycles went on to become the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer.

This book chronicles the life of O.P. Munjal through anecdotes from his professional and personal life. He proved that a people-focused management style could be superior to the process-driven systems of the West. The book is a result of extensive conversations with O.P. Munjal, Hero employees, dealers, and family members.

Join bestselling author Priya Kumar as she takes you on a roller-coaster ride seen through the lens of a visionary with the soul of a poet.

eBook The Inspiring Journey of a Hero

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