The Internal Adventures of Marcus Snarkis

PDF-file by Ray Nelson Jr.

The Internal Adventures of Marcus Snarkis PDF ebook download Ray Nelson Jr. is President and co-founder of Flying Rhinoceros, a Portland-based producer and distributor of educational books, classroom materials, television cartoons, software and websites.

Ray is also the main author and illustrator of the Flying Rhinoceros educational book series and creator of the characters in the CBS television show "Flying Rhino Junior High." Ray previously worked for five years at Will Vinton Studios, where he animated the California Raisins and worked on two Emmy award-winning television specials. Since starting Flying Rhinoceros in 1993, Ray has also appeared in hundreds of schools to provide interactive workshops to students of all ages, exploring the creative worlds of cartooning, writing, illustrating and animation.

eBook The Internal Adventures of Marcus Snarkis

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