Looking for Dilmun

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Looking for Dilmun PDF ebook download This is the classic story of an archaeological quest for the lost land of Dilmun, which led to the identification of a hitherto unknown period of Middle Eastern prehistory. First published in 1970, it is reissued here in a new edition - introduced by one of today's leading archaeologists of the region. In Mesopotamian myth, as laboriously translated from cuneiform inscriptions in the course of the 19th-century, Dilmun is a blessed land where death is unknown - the home of Gilgamesh, the Sumerian Noah, after he is saved from the flood. In the tablets recording the business dealings of Ea-Nasir, import and export merchant of Ur between 1813 and 1790 BC, however, Dilmun is refered to as a real place, a trading station, the source of Ur's copper supplies.

eBook Looking for Dilmun

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