The Formal Impulse (Parallel Press Chapbook Series)

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The Formal Impulse (Parallel Press Chapbook Series) PDF ebook download John Pidgeon uses the classic style of a sonnet to “address the darker side of life’s experiences—death, war, loneliness [and] disillusionment” in the most recent publication from Parallel Press. In The Formal Impulse, Pidgeon states the following regarding life’s inevitable occurrences, “there are things we do not want to know, / that circumscribe the transcendental trust. / There are places we don’t want to go.” His contemplations about various experiences will leave the reader desiring more.

John Pidgeon is a product of the graduate writing program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His credits include Poetry, Poetry Daily, The Formalist, Rosebud, The Journal of the American Medical Association, The Wisconsin Academy Review, and The Journal of Nietzsche Studies. He lives in Green Bay with his wife, Marianne, and their five children.

eBook The Formal Impulse (Parallel Press Chapbook Series)

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