McAllister's Lady (Harlequin Desire, No 630)

PDF-file by Naomi Horton

McAllister's Lady (Harlequin Desire, No 630) PDF ebook download MR. MARCH

Name: Devlin McAllister
Profile: Tough. Sinfully handsome. Enigmatic.
Case History: The best cop on the force — until scandal ended his career. Now living on a remote island.

Memory he can't shake: Hauntingly beautiful Jess — the one woman he could never forgive ... or forget.

Devlin hadn't seen Jess in eight years — not since she'd fled from him without explaining why. Now she was back, telling him she was in desperate danger and that only he could keep her child safe. And even though he'd become a stranger to love, Devlin's passion for Jess still burned fiercely. But could he forgive her betrayal ... could he ever trust her love?

eBook McAllister's Lady (Harlequin Desire, No 630)

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