Warlord (The Camelot Prophecy Vol #5 of 5)

PDF-file by Lady Antiva

Warlord (The Camelot Prophecy Vol #5 of 5) PDF ebook download The Armor of Light artifacts have all been retrieved by the new heroes Camelot. But how does it work. The Crown of Morgan, now Warlord Claude is now at the gates of Castle Camelot, threatening to level it in an instance. With an absent Keeper, the situation is dire. Yet the new heir of Bretunia lies in limbo. Would the ‘Knight of Light’ defend the city as prophesied? This volume takes the reader into the first battle for Castle Camelot, and the unexpected twists are sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

eBook Warlord (The Camelot Prophecy Vol #5 of 5)

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