The Secrets of Your Handwriting

PDF-file by Allan Conway

The Secrets of Your Handwriting PDF ebook download Find out what your handwriting says about you with this fascinating exploration of the art of graphology

Discover the venerable art of graphology—how to interpret the curves, arcs, and loops of the handwritten word to reveal the personality of the writer. This fascinating book is an exhaustive exploration of the art, taking each aspect of handwriting in turn—spacing, baseline, movement, speed, tension, pressure, size, slant, loops, and form—to build up a reliable picture of the writer's nature. It also explores the many uses of graphology in contemporary life—it has been used to uncover crime, in recruitment, and even to help find true love! In addition, the handwriting of 50 well-known figures is analyzed, with intriguing results. Armed with this book, you'll be able to gain a unique insight into the personalities of your friends and family, and maybe even find out a little bit about yourself!

eBook The Secrets of Your Handwriting

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