Lily's Little Cajun Cookbook

PDF-file by Eric Wilder

Lily's Little Cajun Cookbook PDF ebook download I wasn't so sure about "Lily's Little Cajun Cookbook" when I got it—I've been disappointed a lot. That meant that I didn't have great expectations about what I would find as I began reading.

This is what a real cookbook should be like. A little bit of a story, a good solid recipe, with great directions. Best of all, unlike a lot of so-called "Cajun" cookbooks where the addition of some cayenne suddenly cajun-ifies a standard recipe, these are genuine, authentic Cajun recipes, the real deal. Somehow, Eric Wilder has captured a bit of real Cajun essence that needs added to any cookbook to make it real and authentic.

I've got a lot of the classic Cajun and Creole recipe books, and I've been taught a few things by some better-than-average Cajuns about how food goes together, but if I was only allowed ONE Cajun cookbook, I'd likely take this one—it's that good.

Besides, Eric Wilder made me laugh, and everyone knows food always tastes better when seasoned with laughter!

eBook Lily's Little Cajun Cookbook

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