The Righteous Gentiles

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The Righteous Gentiles PDF ebook download Yesterday, I had some spare time since I finished my library tasks early.This book caught my eye when I was shelving books.I quickly become gripped by the tales of many ordinary people throughout several different regions of the world who risked everything—their livelihoods, families, and even their own lives to save strangers who were brutally mistreated by the Nazis.I only hope I could have the intestinal fortiude to be in this small minority of less than 1% of the populace who displayed amazing courage in these hellish (the nicest word I could say)times when the overwhelming majority (In honesty, I would probably be here) were grippled by fear.What's even more deplorable is that larger segments of the population compared to the 1 % would deliberately display hatred and greed towards innocent people.In the end, I know good will triumph over evil.

eBook The Righteous Gentiles

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