The Right Horse

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The Right Horse PDF ebook download Red Smith, the late great sportswriter for "The New York Times," once observed that whenever he was at a loss on how to fill his daily column, all he had to do was visit a racetrack and he'd come away with a dozen good scenes for a story. Each chapter of "The Right Horse" contains anecdotes and sayings, bits of lore and track wisdom that will serve to illuminate the world of horseracing. William Murray takes the reader on a tour of the track, introducing them to the game and its players. Not only the horses, but also the people whose lives are bound up with them, front and backside: owners, trainers, jockeys, touts, tipsters and hustlers. The reader will gain a knowledge of how this world works—what it looks, what it smells like, tastes like—and how much fun it can be.

eBook The Right Horse

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