Curves of Saint-Tropez (Curves of the French Riviera, #2)

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Curves of Saint-Tropez (Curves of the French Riviera, #2) PDF ebook download There are hundreds of girls with her kind of beauty, but I want a woman like you...
Curvy Megan has spent the best week of her life with French billionaire Gabriel. However, when Megan learns a secret about Gabriel's past, their perfect world threatens to break apart. Will they find understanding, or will Megan's fairy tale come to an abrupt end?

This 11k word erotic romance tells of the continuing love story between the billionaire and our curvy heroine vacationing in the French paradise of Saint Tropez!

She turned back towards Gabriel, his hand resting on hers. He leaned forward and kissed her, his tongue gliding into her mouth. She could taste the effervescence of the bubbles on his tongue, a champagne kiss. She could feel her temperature rise again with the heat of the kiss, the promise of things to come.

“Gabriel...” she whispered, keeping her eyes closed, her voice lost in the music as she was lost in his kiss. “I want you so badly- but there are too many people around.”

“What people, ma chérie?” he whispered back, her eyes opening slowly, as if from a dream. The room was empty, even the bartender had disappeared. Megan gasped, looking around and then to Gabriel. He looked incredibly pleased with himself as he reached forward to kiss her again, unbuttoning his shirt.

Megan glanced towards the door, noticing it wasn't locked. They were alone in the room, but she knew anyone could walk in. Instead of intimidating her, the idea excited her. The prospect of being caught at any moment, their passion for all to see was intoxicating. Adrenaline pumped through her veins, pushed by the deep pulsing of the music. She wanted to dance. She wanted Gabriel.

eBook Curves of Saint-Tropez (Curves of the French Riviera, #2)

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