Echoes of the Storm (Galveston Hurricane Mystery, #1)

PDF-file by Amanda Albright Still

Echoes of the Storm (Galveston Hurricane Mystery, #1) PDF ebook download "Delightful historical mystery with a touch of the paranormal" The storm took almost everything she had. Now, a dead woman may take the rest. Dash Gallagher, Galveston's first lady attorney, has seen plenty of bodies wash up onto the beach since the Great Hurricane of 1900, but none like this. This one was murdered. The dead woman lived such a scandalous life, that no one cares about her death, not even her family. The family only cares about retrieving a mystical treasure and hire Barker, a private detective, to find it. Dash must find the murderer and clear herself before the scandals surrounding the dead woman tarnish her. Dash may lose her career and even her children, but she must move from a past washed away in the hurricane tide and toward a future filled with danger.

eBook Echoes of the Storm (Galveston Hurricane Mystery, #1)

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