Authentic Learning in the Digital Age

PDF-file by Larissa Pahomov

Authentic Learning in the Digital Age PDF ebook download Get the inside story of how a renowned school—the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia—creates an authentic learning environment where students ask questions, do research, and explore subjects that fascinate them. Author and classroom teacher Larissa Pahomov takes the work of 25 teachers and 500 students and distills their ideas, passions, systems, and structures into a framework you can learn from and implement in your school. Discover how you can
•Create an authentic learning environment in today's standards-driven atmosphere.
•Implement a personalized, inquiry-based education in a typical secondary classroom.
•Use a solid but open structure to guide curriculum and classroom design.
•Integrate technology into inquiry-based education.

Find out how a devotion to five core values—inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation, and reflection—ensures students benefit from their education long after they’ve graduated.

eBook Authentic Learning in the Digital Age

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