Free to Think - Minnegaffe Edition

PDF-file by Wayne Douglas Weedon

Free to Think - Minnegaffe Edition PDF ebook download From a state of despair in an Indian Residential school to a well educated and independent woman. How did she do it? Dorothy Dobbie, in her review states that this book “haunts the soul” long after it has been read and put away. Once you’ve read it, it will change you forever. How does a young Aboriginal girl, who has been kidnapped and sent to an Indian Residential School, escape and end up attending college in Cambridge, England? We will follow her adventures and several love affairs back to Canada where she finds her true calling. Constantly pursued, we wonder if Canada, an ever-oppressive country, will continue the kidnappings and forced indoctrination or will the people be left to practise their beliefs openly? Will our heroine and the other members of her society finally recover from years of oppression and abuse to find fulfillment and happiness in their lives? This first book of a trilogy asks many questions and provides some of the answers.

Smartbiz Magazine states: This book reveals Wayne’s studies of history, physics, quantum physics, and metaphysics, making us think. But the story is there. The heroine is unconventional, a compelling character, and there is an air of mystery surrounding the book.

eBook Free to Think - Minnegaffe Edition

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