Start a Business for Less Than $15,000

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Start a Business for Less Than $15,000 PDF ebook download Millions of Americans are out of work. Their savings accounts have shrunk, and they re taking out second mortgages and cashing in their retirement accounts to pay off overdue credit card bills. But the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America, as clear in initiatives like Small Business Saturday and And hundreds of thousands of courageous innovators have decided to start their own businesses. The question is how much money will it take to do it successfully? Here are innovative, exciting ideas for businesses based on what the reader can afford. For each venture author Richard Walsh outlines start up expenses, probable earnings, qualifications, and gives the low down on what the business is really all about. This is the essential down-and-dirty guide for every aspiring entrepreneur who wants to select a business, get a business plan together, and join the small business revolution."

eBook Start a Business for Less Than $15,000

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