Kniha o Blanche a Marii

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Kniha o Blanche a Marii PDF ebook download Hailed internationally for his unique ability to shapehistorical facts into tales of extraordinary depth and probing insight, PerOlov Enquist has long been regarded as one of the world's foremost authorsof literary fiction.In The Book about Blanche and Marie, Enquist has onceagain found inspiration from the historical record, this time exploring thefascinatingly complex relationship between two of the twentieth centuryÂ'smost remarkable women: Blanche Wittman, the famous hysteria patient ofProfessor J.M. Charcot at Salpêtriì©re Hospital outside Paris, and MarieCurie, the Polish physicist and Nobel Prize winner. While the scientisttries to understand the nature of radiation, Blanche, her assistant and, atthe time of her death, a triple amputee as a result of exposure toradiation, fills three notebooks with her exploration of a deceptivelysimple question: What is love? The Book about Blanche and Marie is at oncea haunting look at scientific martyrdom and an intimate and moving portraitof a friendship between two uniquely brave and talented women.

eBook Kniha o Blanche a Marii

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