Defining Moments in Music

PDF-file by Sean Egan

Defining Moments in Music PDF ebook download From breakthroughs in recording technology to a song’s political repercussions, this electrifying collection will have music fans debating for years.Edited by Sean Egan, a writer for such major magazines as Billboard and Goldmine, this decade-by-decade review covers events, people, performances, and every imaginable genre: classical, opera, country, folk, rock, spirituals, blues, jazz, and stage musicals.A superb selection of critics weighs in on key albums, singles, and songs, along with biographies and commentary on the impact of major artists. Celebrate the riots that greeted the first performance of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, the spectacular explosion of punk, the creation of the moog synthesizer, the untimely death of icons, and the first breakdance.

eBook Defining Moments in Music

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