lessons in love (daily della,#1)

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lessons in love (daily della,#1) PDF ebook download Daily Della is a selection of short stories, ideal for your daily coffee break. In our very first issue we bring you a touch of romance.

In Lessons in Love, Kate discovers that Martin, her new client, is not quite the dating beginner he’d like her to think. The Colour of Love explores what happens when you hear voices in colour and see people as different tastes on your tongue. A Right Time for Everything is a story about healing and renewal and House Rule Number Three is a light hearted tale about the dangers of falling for your lodger. Finally, do questions get simpler or more difficult to answer as we grow older? Especially when they’re to do with matters of the heart. Della's story, A Blue Moon, may just help you to decide!

eBook lessons in love (daily della,#1)

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