Coulson's Lessons (The Coulson Series, #3)

PDF-file by Anna J. McIntyre

Coulson's Lessons (The Coulson Series, #3) PDF ebook download After losing her beloved husband in a car accident, Alexandra is left to raise her teenage son alone. Coming to terms with life as a single mother is difficult enough, yet now she must face the sins of her past when Garret Coulson returns to town.

Grandson of the town’s founder, the wealthy and powerful Garret Coulson fell in love with another man’s wife, resulting in a self-imposed exile. With that man dead, Garret can return to claim what should have been his.

For ten years, Alexandra has kept the secret of her infidelity. The fact she is now a widow does not make that secret any less painful to reveal. Some secrets have the power to shatter lives - yet sometimes they heal hearts.

Coulson’s Wife
Coulson’s Crucible
Coulson’s Lessons
Coulson’s Secret
Coulson’s Reckoning (Coming in 2014)

eBook Coulson's Lessons (The Coulson Series, #3)

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