Lady Anne's Dangerous Man (Lady Trilogy, #1)

PDF-file by Jeane Westin

Lady Anne's Dangerous Man (Lady Trilogy, #1) PDF ebook download In Restoration England, where the battle of the sexes is especially humorous and high-spirited, a beautiful young aristocrat embarks on a swashbuckling adventure with a dashing highwayman.

Lady Anne Gascoigne is eager to take her wedding vows—until she discovers her devious fiancé has conspired to let King Charles II steal her virtue. To save her honor and her life, she must flee under the protection of a notorious but charming rake who has just escaped hanging—only to be captured by Anne's heart.

The illegitimate son of a powerful man, John Gilbert lives by his wits and his sword, leading a merry band of men who rob the rich and corrupt, then escape to a forest hideaway. As proper Lady Anne blossoms under John's command, opening up to the freedom and sensuality he offers, she poses a new set of challenges for him—to stay alive long enough to ensure her protection, earn an equal place by her side, and convince her of his undying love.

eBook Lady Anne's Dangerous Man (Lady Trilogy, #1)

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