The Great Cheese Conspiracy

PDF-file by Jean Van Leeuwen

The Great Cheese Conspiracy PDF ebook download Merciless Marvin the Magnificent is not your average theater mouse. He's a crime boss. Along with his mouse gang, Fats the Fuse and Raymond the Rat, he spends his days watching gangster movies in their theater home, and pulling the occasional heist involving popcorn machines and candy bars.

But Marvin longs for the Big Time. He wants an adventure on the Outside, a place no mouse has ever returned from alive.

Marvin hitches a ride out of the theater and discovers a cheese shop nearby. It's the perfect target for his gang's biggest heist yet. But can Marvin, Fats, and Raymond agree on the right plan? And what happens when the mice come face-to-face with the Enemy and his furry feline friend?

eBook The Great Cheese Conspiracy

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