The CIA and the Media

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The CIA and the Media PDF ebook download For a brief time in the 1970s, journalists and lawmakers delved into the covert relationship between the CIA and the American press, a relationship that dated back to the 1950s, if not earlier. That moment started in 1973, when famed muckraking columnist Jack Anderson exposed a Hearst reporter as a former CIA informant, and culminated four years later, when Rolling Stone published "The CIA and the Media," by Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, a major treatment of the Agency's covert relationships with U.S. journalists at every level of the news business. That piece pushed the New York Times to run its own investigative series on the subject, and spurred congressional hearings—and then the subject wholly vanished from the national agenda.

The CIA and the Media: An Unfinished History revisits the fundamental questions about the CIA and the press that were brought up in the 1970s—questions which were never answered. Along with Bernstein's Rolling Stone article and the three-part series from the Times, the book includes some earlier pieces that reported crucial aspects of the story, excerpts from the congressional hearings sparked by the Rolling Stone article, and other important public documents from these years. Collected together for the first time, these texts offer a rare window into the CIA's long and ongoing presence in our nation's newsrooms.

Placing this material in its full historical context is an extensive introduction by esteemed media critic Mark Crispin Miller which demonstrates, first of all, that the CIA's attempts to sway the U.S. media were actually far more extensive and diverse than those works from the 1970s would suggest; and, secondly, that those efforts did not end once those reporters and legislators had looked into them. Indeed, the CIA's covert use of the domestic media outlasted the Cold War itself, and is apparently continuing today.

eBook The CIA and the Media

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