Blue Collar Blues

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Blue Collar Blues PDF ebook download A brutal struggle for power in the manipulative automobile industry pits white-collar against blue-collar. Champion Motors is shutting down plants and laying off their workers. Tensions are mounting and violence is erupting. Against this backdrop, Thyme Tyler, a beautiful, black plant manager, is once again passed over for a promotion at Champion despite a Ph.D. and four faultless years of job performance. She is finally ready to claim a case of discrimination despite her white husband's admonitions when her friend, Khan Davis, a bright young blue-collar worker at Champion finds her job threatened by this downsizing. The lack of overtime to go around and a fatal attraction between employees at the plant ends in murder, forcing Khan to choose sides between her friend and the solidarity of her fellow workers.
— Rosalyn McMillan is the acclaimed author of One Better which reached #1 on Essence's bestseller list, and of Knowing which hit the Chicago Tribune, Essence, Quarterly Black Review of Books, and Wordstock bestseller lists, and was a Featured Alternate Selection of Doubleday Book Club and an Alternate Selection of The Literary Guild.
— Simultaneous audio publication with Warner hardcover

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