Heartwarming (2013 Advent Calendar)

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Heartwarming (2013 Advent Calendar) PDF ebook download I DID IT!!!!

So, yay me. I read and reviewed all the 2013 Advent Calendar stories. I know, it's not really an accomplishment of epic proportions, but for me to accomplish anything in the month of December outside of work and holiday shenanigans is pretty major. I will definitely be doing this again next year. I read some great stories and found some new-to-me authors. This is really the only way to read in December.

Let the Christmas Lovin' Commence!!!


In Another Life - 3 Stars
In Another Life Review

The Trouble With Elves - 5 Stars
The Trouble With Elves Review Thank you Stallion - smooches

Feathers From the Sky - 5 Stars
Feathers From the Sky Review

From This Window - 3 Stars
From This Window Review

Bashert - 3 Stars
Bashert Review

Worth It- 3.5 Stars
Worth It Review

Heart of the Pines - 3 Stars
Heart of the Pines Review

Blah, Humbug! - 4 Stars
Blah, Humbug! Review

Celebrating You - 3 Stars
Celebrating You Review

Gaudete - 5 Stars
Gaudete Review

Holly and Oak - 2 Stars
Holly and Oak Review

Gift-Wrapped - 2 Stars
Gift-Wrapped Review

Holiday Invasion - 2.5 Stars
Holiday Invasion Review

Last Leap of the First-Foot - 4 Stars
Last Leap of the First-Foot Review

Grumble Monkey and the Department Store Elf - 3 Stars
Grumble Monkey and the Department Store Elf

Alaska - 4 Stars
Alaska Review

The Lawyer Under the Tree - 4 Stars
The Lawyer Under the Tree Review

A Lion in Tails - 3 Stars
A Lion in Tails Review

A Prairie Dog's Love Song - 4 Stars
A Prairie Dog's Love Song Review

Santa Gets His Man - 3 Stars
Santa Gets His Man Review

Rebound - 4 Stars
Rebound Review - off to read Rebound: Bonus Chapter - Thank you Chris Scully for more of Sky and Emmett!

The Healing Power of Eggnog - 3.5 Stars
The Healing Power of Eggnog Review

Scanty Santa - 2 Stars
Scanty Santa Review

A Solstice Journey - 3.5 Stars
A Solstice Journey Review

Wrapped Up In You - 3.5 Stars
Wrapped Up In You Review

Toy Run - 4 Stars
Toy Run Review

A Swift Herd for Solstice - 3 Stars
A Swift Herd For Solstice Review

The Promise of Snow - 4 Stars
The Promise of Snow Review

Goosed - 3 Stars
Goosed Review

Snow Globe - 4 Stars
Snow Globe Review


Change of Fortune - 3.5 Stars
Change of Fortune Review

eBook Heartwarming (2013 Advent Calendar)

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