Community Soup

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Community Soup PDF ebook download In a garden outside a Kenyan schoolhouse, children are working together to harvest the vegetables they have grown and make them into a soup for everyone to share. But Kioni is having trouble: her mischievous goats have gotten into the garden and are wreaking havoc on the vegetables! Luckily, the resourceful children find a solution that ensures a tasty soup while saving Kioni's four-legged intruders at the same time.
Using rollicking verse with echoes of "Mary had a Little Lamb," Alma Fullerton tells a lively story about communal projects and finding creative solutions that help everyone contribute. This tale for young readers is graced with Alma's striking mixed-media collage art.
A portion of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the Creation of Hope Project in Kenya. Learn more at http: //

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