Dreaming of Love

PDF-file by Sandi Lacey

Dreaming of Love PDF ebook download Let love tug on your heartstrings.

God Still Dreams of Eden
One dream. One secret. One last chance. For 20 years Minnerva Morgan has let her long-held secret come between her and the only man she’s ever loved. But when her island home is threatened by the sudden appearance of a runaway bride, will Minnerva find the courage to step beyond her past and into paradise?

The Peerless Sunshine Queen
Betsy Chase, a Manhattan advertising star, is good at everything – except love. Then she fell for, and broke up with, the redheaded, adorable Gregory Bonds. Now a wealthy client wants to wine and dine her, but her heartstrings still tug toward Greg.

His Brother’s Bride
Is Angelique, his brother’s war widow, a gold-digger – or an angel? Wealthy Jonathan Carter is determined to find out. But when he meets the beautiful blond Army nurse, Jonathan’s heart is stirred by unexplainable longings for home and family. But will his twin’s lovely widow ever be able to see him – without seeing his brother?

eBook Dreaming of Love

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