Brother Tony's Boys

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Brother Tony's Boys PDF ebook download For over 25 years, charismatic Pentecostal evangelist Brother Tony Leyva used Christianity, the Bible, and his status as an "annointed prophet of God" to gain access to, seduce, and sexually assault the young sons of his enthralled followers in 23 states. How could such heinous acts continue undetected for over two decades?

Brother Tony's Boys peels back the multiple layers of this twisted evangelist's double life to answer this and other bone-chilling questions. Read the riveting true story of how Leyva brought his old-fashioned hellfire and brimstone revival to cities and towns from Florida to New York and from Illinois to Louisiana and, under the cloak of God, systematically manipulated and sexually assaulted adolescent boys and procured victims for other "men of God."

Using eyewitness accounts of victims, Mike Echols, author of the bestseller and 5-time Emmy nominated mini-series I Know My First Name Is Steven, strips bare the world of Pentecostals in the United States today to reveal how, in this unique yet growing Christian sect, impassioned faith and devotion to the "annointed ones" blinded parents to the evil in their midst.

eBook Brother Tony's Boys

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