A Roman Ransom (Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, #8)

PDF-file by Rosemary Rowe

A Roman Ransom (Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, #8) PDF ebook download Glevum, AD 188. Lying in his sick bed, weak and disoriented, Libertus is strictly forbidden visitors. But when Marcus Septimus forces his way in, desperate to speak to the pavement-maker, Libertus knows that something is seriously wrong. Marcus’s beloved wife Julia and their baby son have disappeared without a trace. And now a ransom note has arrived, wrapped in the hem of Julia’s stola: unless Marcus uses his power to release a certain political prisoner, he will never see his family alive again. Libertus is well aware of Marcus’s dilemma: give in to the kidnappers and sacrifice his reputation for being fair and unmoved by bribery, or stand firm and provoke unimaginable consequences. But Libertus has also made a powerful enemy. How can he help his patron – and himself – this time?

eBook A Roman Ransom (Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain, #8)

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