Empowered Girls

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Empowered Girls PDF ebook download Empowered Girls is a hands-on guide for girls looking to take an active leadership role in their school and community. This book offers step-by-step suggestions for active involvement and leadership. Additionally, it includes profiles of and advice from girls who are making a difference in the lives of others.

The authors, nationally recognized for their work with girls and leadership, offer solid reasons for active involvement, strategies for choosing which groups to be involved with, and methods for getting involved. It's all here—sage advice to girls seeking to become positive activists, profiles of girls who are involved in leading their community, and resources that range from funding sources to organizations that seek volunteers.

The book is filled with useful advice, up-to-date resources, Web sites, and more. One of the book's more important sections highlights the accomplishments of girls who have successfully made a positive change in their community. This section offers girls many peer role models for empowerment. This book is both a handbook for involvement and empowerment and an inspirational guide for young women wanting to make a difference.

Grades 4-10

eBook Empowered Girls

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