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Skeeter PDF ebook download Thirteen-year old Skeeter dreams of becoming a jockey, so one October day in 1939 he sets off with his little sister, Birdy, to find the famous racehorse Seabiscuit.

But Birdy has her own dream. She wants to look for a woman she thinks she knew in a previous lifetime, a woman Skeeter doesn't believe exists. In fact, Skeeter's afraid Birdy's losing her marbles, and does his best to keep an eye on his sister.

Soon, the two orphans are in trouble, riding the rails and on the run. Fortunately, Skeeter's not the only one looking out for Birdy. Their momma may be dead, but she's still mothering-and more than once, Skeeter gets an other-worldly nudge from her.

Which doesn't mean he listens.

This is a story about reincarnation and angels. This is also a story about family, friends, dogs, and the best things in life (this or any other one).

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