A Journey You Say?

PDF-file by Chris Bartholomew

A Journey You Say? PDF ebook download The idea for this anthology came when I was talking with someone about the troubles in life, and their response to me was, ‘Life is just a journey.’ For some reason hearing that always makes me think whatever has happened or will happen is okay – until I really thought about it, I mean, what does that phrase really mean? Does is mean that because life is just a journey none of it matters? Does it mean we are learning and it’s all part of the great scheme of things? When I hear someone say it, it does make things better, for just a little while. As a writer myself, I appreciate ideas for stories, this one was thrown out there, and I think you’ll enjoy the different approaches and ideas that this anthology brought out of the minds of the different people. Enjoy.

eBook A Journey You Say?

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