When Only You Can Prevent Suicide

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When Only You Can Prevent Suicide PDF ebook download Finally, a truly preventative solution for the risk of suicide is available.

Until now, the risk of suicide was addressed when a crisis was at hand—when someone had suffered from emotional pain long enough that the thought of
continuing to do so had become untenable.

There is a better way.

Primary Prevention is prevention aimed at preventing the undesired event from happening—ever. Some examples of effective primary prevention include hand
washing and sanitary drinking water.

The practical and effective skills explained in this book enable the reader to take control of his own emotional health. The work can be done in the
privacy of her own mind, or groups can be formed to support one another in the learning process.

Unlike most of the dose dependent stress reduction techniques recommended today, the skills in this book help the reader adjust his or her mental process
in ways that increase the enjoyment in each day because the automatic response becomes more supportive of thriving.

It may seem strange to reprogram your mind for greater thriving but the fact that this is “reprogramming” lets you know your mind is already programmed.
Almost no one has deliberately programmed their own mind. More than one hundred automatic processes are happening in your mind for every one that you are
consciously thinking about. Those 100 processes have a tremendous impact on your life, and they impact how you perceive the one you are thinking about.

In the typical human, most of the automatic programming is established by age 6. It’s done by default, based on what you’ve observed during your first six
years of life. After that your brain interprets reality in a way that supports the beliefs you’ve established. Your brain attempts to prove your beliefs
are right by interpreting the world as if they are accurate. It does not consider whether the beliefs are accurate and it does not consider whether the
programming is in your best interest. It just follows the programming.

The programming can be changed and when you deliberately take control and change it in life supporting ways, your life changes in wonderful ways.

This is what Gandhi meant when he said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I can’t make you believe anything I say, but you can prove the power of these techniques to yourself by using them in your own life. You can begin feeling
better as soon as today and continue improving, step-by-step, every day. You can achieve a level of happiness greater than you’ve ever had.

When you use these techniques in your own life you will know how to help if a friend or loved one is ever at a low point.

These techniques are powerful and effective. Every day you wait is a day spent with more pain and less happiness than its potential.

A book that provides the skills you need to live the life of your dreams and prepare you for the best possible outcome if you should ever receive a call
from a friend who plans to say goodbye too soon.

Packed with practical information to help you contribute to making the world a more humane place. Warning signs, risk factors, and emergency information is
provided as is special information for doctors, nurses, veterans, youth, young adults, and law enforcement officers—all of whom have a statistically higher
risk of suicide.

Suicide is preventable. When Only You Can Prevent Suicide approaches prevention far sooner than other methods.

It provides the potential for a global prevention effort that is both affordable and effective.

Why wait to address a problem when it is in crisis mode when you can prevent the problem in the first place?

A book that provides the skills you need to live the life of your dreams.

eBook When Only You Can Prevent Suicide

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