Raccoons On The Roof (Animal Ark, #21)

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Raccoons On The Roof (Animal Ark, #21) PDF ebook download Mandy Hope can’t believe all of the new animals she’s seeing on her Florida vacation with her grandparents. There are the alligators – which are scary – and the raccoons which are so, so adorable!

But Mandy soon learns that not all Floridian residents feel the same way that she does towards the raccoons – in fact some people wish to set traps for them! Can Mandy foil their plans?


This story was a little unusual given the fact that it is set in the U.S. rather than Mandy’s cozy little hometown of Wexford, but for the rest it followed standard AA procedures.

Having lived with raccoons all of my life, (so, not literally lived with them, but you know what I mean) I found Mandy’s fascination with them humorous. Also, while exalting how adorably clever the coons are, the whole story basically granted them about twenty percent of the intelligence they actually have.

Mandy works through relational struggles with Joel Logan and Courtney Miller (the main difficulty being that they find animals “all right” rather than extraordinary).

When Mandy’s grandmother says that it is a pity that the Millers have chosen to cut back the foliage in their garden, Mandy reples, “It’s more than that, it’s a crime. Imagine ruining the animals’ habitat! They were here long before the Millers!” [pg. 27]

Courtney exclaims that the gorillas at the zoo are “so – human”. She also rather tells her father off concerning his dislike for raccoons.

Conclusion. Bleh.

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